TakeOut Comedy

At the first full-time comedy club in Asia with Stand-up comedy and Improv shows every Friday and Saturday

Corp Team-Building Workshop

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Utilize LAUGHTER to Make your Speeches more MEMORABLE!

-Improve your Speeches & Presentations by learning Standup Comedy Skills

-Learn Effective Crowd-Work

-Learn to use humour to be more persuasive to close deals

-Learn how to set up the room to succeed

-Learn how to read and connect with the audience

-Learn how to be funnier and to think out of the box

-Learn the structure and basics of comedy writing

-Develop more stage presence, confidence, creativity & communicational skills

“Comedy teaches you to think on your feet because you are being judged by the entire audience. And it helps you get people on your side – you make sure they are laughing with you, not at you. The more standup comedy shows you do, the better you get at reading the audience. This is an important skill when you are making a presentation as a banker or delivering a difficult message as a consultant” …. Ben Quinlan (CEO, Quinlan & Associates & WINNER 2017 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition)

“Very Good!” …..Bob Grove (CEO, Edelman PR North Asia, www.edelman.com)

“Fabulous!”…..Nury Vittachi (Author and Journalist)

“I attended Jami’s stand-up comedy workshop to help me add more humor into my presentations.  I’m a trainer and public speaker by profession and his tips were practical and effective.  I used them the very next morning in one of my speeches.  I engaged the audience immediately and had them laughing about an otherwise dry topic.  Afterwards, I received many compliments about how fun my talk was.  I recommend the workshop for anyone who needs to liven up their presentation skills.  Thanks, Jami!”…..Bernice Lee (Director, The Etiquette & Leadership Institute, www.eli-asia.com)

“An AWESOME way to ignite your communications skills to the next level!….How can comedy advance your career, increase your salary and ignite your love life? Attend the Standup Comedy workshop and learn from Jami Gong!”…..Perry Lam (TEDx HK Coach, Executive Excellence Coach and Founder Lam Institute, www.laminstitute.com)

“Jami has a black belt in comedy.  I’ve been at it for 30 years and he still gives me excellent advice, and I highly value his wisdom!”…..Tom Cotter (2013 Runner-up America’s Got Talent, www.tomcotter.com)

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