TakeOut Comedy

At the first full-time comedy club in Asia with Stand-up comedy and Improv shows every Friday and Saturday



BLACK: Shows in Soho

PINK: Shows at Rula Bula, LKF

GREEN: Shows in Causeway Bay, Champs at Charterhouse Hotel


  • OCT 28, Tues, 8pm:  OPEN MIC CLOSED (NO Open Mics Also Nov 11 & 18)
  • OCT 30, TONIGHT, Thurs, 9pm: Anto Chan, Chris Wong, Alun Harford, Kenneth Kwan, Tamby Chan, Andrew Chu,  Nick Milnes, Pete Grella, Andrew Newman, hosted by PAUL OGATA, $100pp
  • OCT 31, Fri, 9pm: TOC ALL STARS SHOW with Jim Brewsky, Gary Jackson, Tamby Chan, Nick Milnes, Sean Hebert, Pete Grella, hosted by Jami Gong, $200pp
  • NOV 1, Sat, 9pm: Ben Quinlan, Big Ben, Hugh Somerset, Garron Chiu, Pete Grella, Andrew Chu, Chris Wong, Alun Harford, Tonia Yim, hosted by Ryan Hynek, $150pp
  • NOV 5, Wed, 8pm: TOC Roadshow with TBA Returns to Rula Bula at Lan Kwai Fong, FREE Show (CANCELLED)
  • NOV 6, Thurs, 9pm: Hugh Somerset, Andrew Newman, Jeff Scott (debut), Pete Grella, Garron Chiu, Steve Lee, Sean Hebert, Chris Wong, Alun Harford, Mahesh Mansignai, Andrew Chu, Nick Milnes, $100pp (Students $50pp)
  • NOV 7, Fri, 9pm: People’s Liberation Improv, $150pp
  • NOV 8, Sat, 9pm: James Lee, Ryan Hynek, Steve Lee, Pete Grella, Ben Quinlan, Jannita Smith, Garron Chiu, Big Ben, Tamby Chan, Sean Hebert, Hugh Somerset, Andrew Newman, Andrew Chu, $150pp
  • NOV 13, Thurs, 8pm: The 19th Return of PAUL OGATA (2007 San Francisco Internationa Comedy Competition Winner), **AT Champs, 209-219 Wan Chai Road, $250pp
  • NOV 14, Fri, 8pm: PAUL OGATA (Comedy Central), $250pp
  • NOV 14, Fri, 10pm: PAUL OGATA (Showtime), $300pp
  • NOV 15, Sat, 8pm: PAUL OGATA (Late Late Show), $250pp
  • NOV 15, Sat, 10pm: PAUL OGATA (TOC Most Popular Comedian), $300pp
  • NOV 16, Sun, 9pm: PAUL OGATA (TOC Legend), *AT MGM Macau, FREE Show
  • NOV 20, Thurs, 9pm: Vivek Mahbubani, Anto Chan, Pete Grella, Nick Milnes, Steve Lee, Alun Harford, Chris Wong, Kenneth Kwan, Sam Moorhouse, Andrew Chu, $100pp (Students $50pp)
  • NOV 21, Fri, 9pm: Garron Chiu, Sam Moorhouse, Ben Quinlan, Hugh Somerset, Alun Harford, Anto Chan, Jannita Smith, Kenneth Kwan, Pete Grella, $150pp
  • NOV 22, Sat, 9pm: Jim Brewsky, Mahesh Mansigani, Ryan Hynek, Ben Quinlan, Garron Chiu, Tamby Chan, Nick Milnes, Pete Grella, Chris Wong, Big Ben, $150pp
  • NOV 27, Thurs, 9pm: Sean Hebert, Andrew Newman, Steve Lee, Andrew Chu, Chris Wong, Garron Chiu, Sam Moorhouse, Nick Milnes, Pete Grella, Big Ben, Alun Harford, $100pp (Students $50pp)
  • NOV 28, Fri, 9pm: TOC ALL STARS WEEKEND SHOW with Ryan Hynek, Hugh Somerset, Ben Quinlan, Gary Jackson, Sogo, Tamby Chan, Steve Lee, hosted by Jami Gong, $200pp
  • NOV 29, Sat, 9pm: TOC ALL STARS WEEKEND SHOW with Anthony Solimini, Anto Chan, Alex Milner, Jim Brewsky, Nick Milnes, Garron Chiu, hosted by Pete Grella, $200pp
  • DEC 3, Wed, 8pm: TOC Roadshow with Ben Quinlan, Tamby Chan, Nick Milnes, hosted by Pete Grella Returns to Rula Bula at Lan Kwai Fong, FREE Show
  • DEC 4, Thurs, 9pm: CLOSED
  • DEC 5, Fri, 9pm: People’s Liberation Improv, $150pp
  • DEC 6, Sat, 9pm: Ryan Hynek, Big Ben, Andrew Newman, Pete Grella, Garron Chiu, Tamby Chan, Mahesh Mansigani, Jannita Smith, Sean Hebert, Sam Moorhouse, Renate Leukert, $150pp
  • DEC 11, Thurs, 9pm: CLOSED
  • DEC 12, Fri, 9pm: SHOW 1300th! Ben Quinlan, Nick Milnes, Renate Leukert, Chris Wong, Jannita Smith, Hugh Somerset, Pete Grella, Tamby Chan, Alun Harford, Ryan Hynek, hosted by Jami Gong, ONLY $100pp!
  • DEC 13, Sat, 9pm: Pete Grella, Sean Hebert, Big Ben, Kenneth Kwan, Tonia Yim, Garron Chiu, Mahesh Mansigani, Sam Moorhouse, Ben Quinlan, Jami Gong, $150pp
  • DEC 18, Thurs, 9pm: CLOSED
  • DEC 19, Fri, 9pm: Sam Moorhouse, Alun Harford, Tamby Chan, Ben Quinlan, Sean Hebert, Chris Wong, Kenneth Kwan, Pete Grella, Garron Chiu, Andrew Newman, Jami Gong, $150pp
  • DEC 20, Sat, 9pm: Big Ben, Ben Quinlan, Garron Chiu, Chris Wong, Hugh Somerset, Alun Harford, Pete Grella, Andrew Newman, Sean Hebert, Sam Moorhouse, Jami Gong, $150pp
  • NEXT ENGLISH Basic Standup Comedy Class on NOV 3, MON, 7pm-11pm. Register with Jami please! $500pp