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Matina Leung

Matina Leung

Cantonese, English
Hong Kong

A Hong Kong local, grew up in an ordinary chinese family where both parents are very reserved people. Being the middle child between 2 shy brothers, Matina became the most outspoken one in the family (somebody has to do the talking, right?)

During her teenage year, she moved to USA with her family. Learned most of the English and Spanish she knows there, while watching TV and taking orders at the chinese restaurant. Having studied Music Production and Graphic Design, Matina realized she is only interested in using the right side of the brain. She always enjoys telling jokes to friends. Making others laugh brings her great joy. She came across standup comedy at Jami Gong’s comedy class and was extremely fascinated by the art form. Shortly afterward, she was offered a 45 minutes slot to perform at her church in Boston. Not knowing how almost impossible it was, she took the opportunity and performed her nerve-racking yet memorable debut in front of the cheerful Chinatown residents.

Matina started doing standup comedy seriously in 2009 after moving back to Hong Kong. She now performs both in English and Chinese regularly at Takeout Comedy.

- 1st runner-up of 2009 & 2011 Hong Kong Standup Comedy Competition ~ Chinese
- finalist of 2009 Hong Kong Standup Comedy Competition ~ English
- 2nd runner-up of 2010 Hong Kong Standup Comedy Competition ~ Chinese
- opened for American comedians Paul Ogata and Kerri Louise
- performed in KITEC, Fat Angelos TST, Champs Bar, Dada Bar and Lounge, City University, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou
- performed in events hosted by HKYWCA, HK Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Suicide Prevention Services, and Enlighten Action for Epilepsy,
- been interviewed on TVB (星期日檔案), ATV (Newsline), HK Radio 3 (Morning Brew), HK Radio 2 (守下留情), 東Touch Magazine, 東方日報 (Oriental Daily), Timeout Magazine, Varsity Magazine, and 明Teens Newspaper.