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Pete Grella

Pete Grella

Hong Kong

Pete Grella is a Hong Kong-based stand-up comedian and improviser who has been cutting up audiences around Asia for over eight years. In addition to being a regular performer in Hong Kong, Pete has performed in New York City, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore, Bangkok, Fukuoka, Seoul and at the MGM Macau. He has also hosted or opened for a long list of visiting international comics, including Tom Cotter, Paul Ogata, Tom Segura, Ruben Paul, Barry Hilton and Ari Shaffir. Pete’s sets often dissect life as an expat (and just trying to fit in, in general), though he’s never afraid to poke fun at himself and his own bad habits. He also likes to engage the audience, so if you’re sitting up front, be ready to chat!

Pete has performed improv around Asia, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, Tokyo, Osaka, Guangzhou, Macau and Seoul. He has also run the HK International Improv Festival and the HK Improv Jamboree; he is also a co-founder of the long form improv group 3 Dudes Improv, and the founder of the group Hong Kong Improv.

When he’s not performing or teaching, Pete has been known to live on an abandoned oil rig in the North Sea raising sea monkeys.


“Through the improvisation games, we were able to get creative and learnt new ways of thinking… It was indeed a fun and practical event.

Ray Lam​, Senior Associate, Ogilvy Public Relations, Hong Kong

“Unlike standup comedy, improv skills enhance better teamwork! This workshop teaches better listening and adding to your team. Pete will bring more cohesiveness and everyone has fun along the way!

Jami Gong, Founder, TakeOut Comedy

“If you’re an introverted (like me) or awkward individual (also like me), I highly recommend trying improv at least once. It’s a safe environment with like-minded people where you can unleash your inner comedian. Who knows, you just might find out a thing or two about yourself (e.g. having actual talent).”

Chris Lin, former workshop student

“… Improv Workshop is a great way to guarantee a lot of laughs on a Wednesday night. Plus, you get to meet some great people…and then kill them like a samurai.”

Tim LaTour, former workshop student